Charles Ritter Success Story

What if your Network IT Administrator suddenly left your organization?

About Charles Ritter, Inc.:

Charles Ritter, Inc. ( manufacturers beef and chicken steaks for both branded and private label packaging; distributes poultry beef, pork and provisions for buyers from New York to Washington, DC; and offers retail packages for both consumers and foodservice customers.

Business Needs:

After a sudden departure of their Network IT Administrator, Charles Ritter, Inc. was left to deal with an unsecured network, out of date and out of warranty equipment and software, no network documentation and or diagrams and most importantly no one with any IT knowledge.

SecurElement Solution:

SecurElement immediately took ownership of the IT role and performed a full network audit which allowed for a complete understanding and a full scope of the network infrastructure as well as all end-user devices. From this audit, SecurElement was able to provide recommendations to Charles Ritter, Inc. to correct all vulnerabilities, bring the infrastructure up-to-date and provide all inclusive ongoing support.

The network audit revealed that endpoints were not properly protected for anti-malware so iSheriff endpoint security protection was deployed immediately. Network access and credentials had not been changed after the departure of the Network IT Administrator, so SecurElement quickly secured the network by performing an infrastructure clean up including resetting all domain passwords, correcting the DHCP/DNS/FSMO, raising the domain/forest levels, enabling Gateway Security Services, addressing Qualys report issues, remote access configuration, performance improvements, setting up monitoring and alerts, and fully documenting and diagramming all network equipment, software, end-user devices, etc.

Additionally, SecurElement extended all warranties for uncovered devices and applied all patches, fixes, etc. to network devices.


After the initial network audit, the network clean up and installation of all audit recommendations, SecurElement is providing support to Charles Ritter, Inc. under the Premium Support plan. The Premium Support plan will provide Charles Ritter, Inc. with unlimited access to SecurElement IT support without having to worry about monthly hours or overages.

“We are happy to leverage SecurElement’s expertise for our IT needs. We now have peace of mind that our network infrastructure is secure and up-to-date regardless of any changes made to our internal organization.” Dave Giusti, General Manager, Charles Ritter, Inc.