Finch Brands Success Story

Is outdated technology and aging equipment inhibiting your organization’s growth?

About Finch Brands:

Like the finches whose beaks inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution, brands that adapt to the ever-changing environment not only survive, they thrive. Finch Brands ( draws their name and inspiration from the forces that shape the natural world to help their clients succeed in the real world. Finch Brands is an end-to-end brand development and management powerhouse that seamlessly delivers breakthrough brand strategy and irrepressibly creative brand design.

Business Needs:

An internal non-IT person was tasked with handling all of Finch Brands’ IT issues. Additionally, the organization was growing and dealing with aging equipment, unorganized data and dated technology.

SecurElement Solution:

Initially, SecurElement performed a network audit to fully understand the scope of Finch Brands’ infrastructure. After identifying the dated equipment and upgrading the out of date technology, SecurElement began to provide IT support to Finch Brands through the Premium Support plan. SecurElement’s Premium Support plan provides all inclusive support for covered users and covered devices. In addition, SecurElement also monitors the network infrastructure and performs monthly updates, fixes, patching, etc. through the Monthly Maintenance plan.


The Premium Support plan from SecurElement has enabled Finch Brands to expand the business and increase employees without having to incur large technology expenses by scaling as the business changes. SecurElement enables Finch Brands to have access to a depth and breadth of IT knowledge for a fraction of what would be spent to employ a full time IT person.

“It is imperative that I have a trusted relationship with my technology provider so I can continue to provide the high level of service and creative drive my clients have come to expect from Finch Brands.” Daniel Erlbaum, CEO, Finch Brands