Have you been cyber-schooled?

I think it's safe to say we are all familiar with ransomware, but even if you have been out of the loop for a bit, here's a quick refresher. Ransomware gains access to your PC and encrypts files through:

  • phishing emails which contain malicious attachments that begin running a script on download or open
  • when a user visits an infected website and a download or install is activated
  • though social media applications or file sharing applications

Long story short, it makes sense to trust your intuition and never accept, click, download, etc. anything that seems suspicious. But what if something seems legit? How do we differentiate between suspicious and legitimate in today's ever evolving technology landscape? When we have these conversations with our SMB customers we cite one thing time and time again. Employee education.

All of that being said, I have to wonder, how many employees actually receive training or education on cyber security best practices? Do employees receive education as part of the new hire training process, or on a regular basis from their internal IT department? Our friends at ESET reveled some alarming information as part of a recent survey.

  • "Over 30% of respondents said they receive no cyber security training at their organization (at all).
  • 49 percent of respondents indicated they would take a cyber security training course at their organization, even if it were optional and they were not compelled to attend.
  • 53 percent of respondents would like to see cyber security training in a mix of formats (including video, live presentation, and a document with tips).
  • The higher the respondent’s annual income, the more likely it is the respondent received cyber security training at their organization." (ESET survey)

So how to you go about training new and existing employees? Well, ESET has thought of that too, and they offer FREE cyber security awareness training.